Great Ways To Practice More Self-Care
Great Ways To Practice More Self-Care
WellbeingMarch 18, 2023 Great Ways To Practice More Self-Care By Louise Smithson Some of us with busy lives and children to look after may feel that self-care is a little selfish or self-indulgent. The truth is… Read More

Self-care may be deemed selfish or self-indulgent by individuals with busy lifestyles and children to care for. Nevertheless, without a certain level of self-care, one's mental and emotional well-being may be compromised, and overall performance may be adversely affected. Piling pressure on oneself, without proper outlets, can lead to disastrous outcomes, akin to a pressure cooker, that one day will inevitably blow. For this reason, it is not just for oneself but also for those around that finding ways to care for oneself, relax, and take some time out is imperative. Below are a few examples that could assist you in such a quest.

Practising Gratitude

Practising gratitude is a great means of taking care of one's mind. One of the initial steps in self-care is learning how to maintain positivity and reduce stress and anxiety, and practising gratitude can be incredibly beneficial in this regard. By consciously focusing on the good things in life, instead of the bad, one can develop a habit of gratitude that returns substantial rewards. Practising gratitude is relatively easy and can only take from ten minutes to half an hour. All that is needed is to think about three things that genuinely make you happy in your life. These can be random things like the colour of your hair, the bond you share with your mother, or any other thing that stimulates a positive sensation that endures for that period, training your mind to focus only on positive aspects of your life.


Establishing an exercise regime is among the most excellent things one can do in self-care. Exercise contributes not only to stress reduction by stimulating the body to eliminate cortisol, the stress hormone, but also to preventing many diseases, boosting the immune system, enhancing skin tone, and facilitating weight loss when combined with a healthy diet, among others. Even if you have been out of the exercise regimen for some time, you do not need to go all out. Simple steps like walking a bit more or joining a dance class can significantly improve your fitness level. Source the numerous online yoga and pilates instructors out there. All you need is a mat and yoga socks. If you are seeking a comprehensive approach to self-care, then an exercise routine is a must.

Get More Sleep

You have undoubtedly heard this before, but getting more quality sleep truly is easier said than done. Are you taking every necessary measure to get adequate rest every night? Feeling exhausted is among the most terrible sensations. Fatigue can make you more emotional, increase the difficulty of dealing with stress, make you feel downright deplorable, and even adversely affect your ability to fall asleep. Some steps you can take include sleeping earlier, improving your sleeping environment by decluttering and changing mattresses, duvets, and pillows, and reducing your intake of alcohol and stimulants to aid in acquiring better sleep.

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