How To Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Self-Care Sanctuary
How To Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Self-Care Sanctuary
WellbeingMarch 7, 2023 How To Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Self-Care Sanctuary By Mia Barnes Your house should be a place of safety and peace. The world will always be busy, but you should have a home that feels… Read More

There lies an ineluctable safety and serenity in the confines of one's abode, a solemn refuge to recharge and reinvigorate after braving the rambunctious world outside. However, what if your haven of rest itself feels cursed by the world's chaos? In such circumstances, one of the simplest decisions to improve your mental health involves converting your house into a self-care sanctuary.

1. Switch Your Paint Colors

When did you last paint the walls of your rooms? If they flaunt bold shades from bygone times, they might be stealthily exacerbating your anxiety levels. Studies illustrate that brighter colors like yellows, blues, and greens attract those feeling relaxed and happy. By changing your paint colors to soothing pastel shades, you modify your home's ambience to a more positive and serene state.

2. Adapt Your Light Fixtures

Does your house lighting remind you of the blinding fluorescents at your workplace? Bright-white tones might reproduce the stressful aura, hindering any attempts at relaxing fully at home. Changing the light sources to soft white or yellow hues might dramatically impact your mood.

Adding to this, researchers discovered that having more sunlight in a house boosted the mood of every resident. Therefore, you could hang sheer curtains to augment the sunlight illuminating your abode and enjoy the mental health benefits.

3. Update Your Bathroom

Each room at a spa exudes extravagance and luxuriousness, even the restrooms with their polished silver or golden accents and high-quality materials. Similarly, you may turn your home into a self-care haven by mimicking this opulence. Install a stand-alone tub or upgrade your floors, or elevate your fixtures with high-end hardware. Even if you have budgetary constraints, small changes like installing a rainfall showerhead can create a calm, luxurious atmosphere that sets you in the right mood for the day.

4. Reduce Your Household Noise

It is challenging to unwind when the noise levels in your house compete with the bustle outside. Consequently, creating a serene atmosphere requires reducing background noise, like turning off the TV, stopping your music, or closing the windows. A noise-free haven lets you meditate or practice yoga, bringing down your anxiety levels and centering yourself in a peaceful mindset.

5. Keep Self-Care Activities Close By

It is paramount that your house supports your self-care routine, but you may need a selection of activities to incorporate into that routine. Think about activities that help you relax, like soaking in a hot bath, reading, baking, or filling out a coloring book. Furthermore, keep the necessary supplies accessible so that you can see them all the time, like placing a journal on your nightstand to enable daily thought logging. Simplifying such activities ensures that you can always fulfill your self-care needs.

6. Adopt A Few Houseplants

Recent research demonstrated that students report higher levels of happiness in greenery-filled rooms than those with no plant life. Having indoor plants adds life and enjoyment to the ambiance, so go ahead and add some to your space. If you would rather avoid real plants, adding faux ones can provide similar benefits as they instill a sense of tranquility and coziness.

Make The Ultimate Self-Care Sanctuary

These ideas can transform your home into the ultimate self-care sanctuary. By adopting a new paint scheme, altering the lighting fixtures, and other simple modifications that resonate with you, your home will become a luxurious and decadent haven of care and support, an oasis of serenity that promotes your mental well-being.

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